War on Waste – join my mission!


April, 2017

I declare my “war on waste” in our work.
I would like to remove all the unnecessary actions, tasks, activities that we are used to do but has no value for those we are doing it for.
I would like to make my and your working life better. More fun and joy.

Imagine: you would only do 20% of you work that delivers 80% of the most important results you are hired to achieve. For those among us who thinks they must achieve 100%…I would say: there is plenty of time left for the remaining part. The question is if you should.

This principle leaves you with the fact that we could eliminate 80% of what we do and still achieve what we need to achieve.

Scary? Isn’t it? Or eliberating?

Imagine you would spend no time on…

… looking for information

…waiting for an answer

…correcting mistakes

…re-doing incomplete tasks

…wondering whether you are executing the right action

…doubting on applying for another job because you feel you wasting your talent

Join me on this mission. Our working life is full of wastes.

Let’s cut the waste!



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